Constant. Sartorial. Wonderment.

Tenderness in Turquoise

The lovers met under a chalk white cliff in Cassis. The peasant dress was plain enough, but strung from her neck was a confection in triple-milled enamel, blue like a French laundry van. She wore it the next day, over a plate of spicy moule frites, and the next when he invited her to the cinema. When they made love it caught on the hairs of his chest. Ow, he thought. She wore it in the shower afterwards. He found this a little odd, but kinky. Maybe.

The next day, he surprised her with a group scuba lesson. But I do not know how, she protested. Fernando will teach us, you must wear this wet suit. I cannot, her hand flew to her throat like a vampyric dove. Fernando shrugged, pas de wetsuit, pas de scuba, he said in his thrilling foreign tongue. Then I shall not scuba, she said, and blushed. He adored her all the more for this modesty, though the scuba lessons had already been paid for, and he ended up going anyway and was partnered with a buoyant communications major named Kelly.

When he returned, the hotel veranda was half open; a soft breeze rippled the linen and revealed a slender arm curved over the railing. Darling, it meant nothing. With the knob of her elbow rubbing against the iron, she thoughtfully wove her fingers through the necklace. I want you to remove it, she sighed. Are you sure? The prospect of a bare neck thrilled him and he fumbled with the clasp. It was a tiny screw and a lever that required all ten of his fingers to free and when he did, a great sigh rushed from his lips. At last!

And her head fell off.

Enamel bubble necklace, available in Brilliant Blue, Sweet Papaya, and Turquoise.


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