Constant. Sartorial. Wonderment.

The Youth

The Youth

How do you say “elegance” in Nazi?

Hooded duffel coat with brass buttons and Bemberg lining.

How do you say “My calves are perfection but the Bavarian breeze is so chilly?”

Argyle knee socks.

You know these things.  You are the man with the answers, the man who’s finally found a coat with enough Lebensraum for his delts.  Just because you’re an Aryan monument doesn’t mean you have to stop being a naughty schoolboy.

“Herr Doktor!  Herr Doktor!”

You lift a hand, continue on your way across the sqaure.  Dusk.  Cobblestones.  The smell of mulled wine.  Lights in the windows behind lace curtains.  The clock strikes eins, zwei, drei, vier.  Marta said she would make Linzerschnitten today.

Why did Dr. Strangelove get out of his wheelchair?

He was trying to get a better look at your outfit.

Hooded Duffel Coat in navy. Aran Cable Button-Front Cardigan. Argyle Over-the-Calf Socks.


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