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Zeitgeist? Party of one? Your table is ready.


Tap water will be fine, thank you. And, yes, The Zeitgeist would also like the bread basket. The Zeitgeist has made its peace with carbs. Well, perhaps The Zeitgeist could be tempted by a glass of chardonnay. No, the cheap one. Right. Thank you.

Ah, indeed, The Zeitgeist has had a chance to look over the menu, and The Zeitgeist would like the mixed greens to start . . . actually, no, make that the Roquefort tartelet. You only live once, right? Ha, ha. Although, The Zeitgeist is a little different. Life for the Zeitgeist is more like being reincarnated every goddamn minute of the day. Know what The Zeitgeist means? You’re just settling in for a little shut-eye, and then . . . zip! Ice age! Mass extinction! Revolution! Industrialization! Woodstock! Moon shot! Watergate! Punk rock! Ayatollahs in Iran! Russians in Afganistan! Oh, you know that song? Yeah, it’s The Zeitgeist’s favorite. Billy Joel is amaaaazing. It’s like he really gets it, you know?

Anyway. Then The Zeitgeist will have the pumpkin ravioli. Yes. Good. Glad you think it’s a fine choice. The Zeitgeist is The Zeitgeist after all. Oh, and could you bring The Zeitgeist another fork? This one’s got some, like, gunge on it. That would be great. Thanks. Whenever you get a chance.

Distressed vinyl gown with lace-up platform boots and cubic headdress. Be the now.